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Welcome to the Wacker Art Internet Pages Seitenanfang

Dear English speaking visitor, welcome to my homepage.

I have to say sorry, because I have not the time to write a complete English version of my internet pages. However the main issue of the pages is painting and Computer Art. I hope that my pictures speak for themselves and you will enjoy visiting the gallery. The gallery rooms are named in English, so this may help you to navigate. Also many links inserted on my pages will lead to internet pages written in English.

There are also some search engines which will enable you to get rough translations of the german contents. This will help you to catch the ideas.

Beside painting I have created pages dealing with physics, philosophy, music and software development. This has the following reasons:

  • I have studied physics at the University of Marburg a.d. Lahn in Germany. I hold a diploma in physics.
  • My job is mostly software development.
  • I love different kinds of music.
  • And philosophy is the glue between all my topics.

Some hints for walking through the gallery. All my pages form a ring and there are two ways to visit all the pages.

First: You can 'click' on the paintings. This will automaticlly lead you to the next painting. Each page has a painting at its beginning to identify this page. So this technique will automaticlly show you the way to each page and will let you visit each picture.

Second: You can use the arrows at the beginning or the end of the pages. Clicking on the arrows will lead you to the beginning of the next(right arrow) or the beginning of the previous page (left arrow).

The icons on the left side of this page may also be helpful to navigate to the main issues of my internet site.

You are intrested in my paintings?

  • You want to use my jpg pictures on your internet pages?
  • Would you like to have one of my paintings on your new record cover?
  • Do you want to make your office look more colorful?
  • Do you want to put real art in your home?

Don't hesitate to contact me.

Please enter E-Mail Address by Hand

Mathematics Seitenanfang

The following mathematics pages are written in english:

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