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Wacker Art RGB Color Mixer Applet

Microsoft does not support by default the required "Java Virtual Machine", so installation of the required Java-Plugin is neccessary for the execution of the color mixer, otherwise the display with the "Microsoft Internet Explorer" is not possible.

The HTML-page used to display the mixer will notify you if the browser does not have the correct Plugin, and prompt you to download and install the required Java-Plugin and Java vitual machine. (Tested with the MS-Internet Explorer)

The download and installation of the Plugin can also be done via the Internet Pages of Sun Microsystems.

The "Wacker Art RGB Color Mixer" has been developed and tested with Java 2, Java-PlugIn 1.4.2 and the correlated "Java Virtual Machine".

Further Information and Tools on Wacker Art related with RGB Colors

Wacker Art RGB Color Palette
another Java-Applet for RGB Color definition

With the "Wacker Art RGB Color Mixer" applet it is possible to define the RGB values of a selected color. The color can be defined with 7 sliders or with a random function. The mixer displays the selected color and the associated complementary color. The color mixer applet follows the law of additive and subtractive color mixture. The "Selected Color" field displays the color that is a color mixture of red, green and blue as defined by the law of additive color mixture. The "Complementary Color" field displays the color mixture that is obtained by subtracting the selected red, green and blue colors from white.

The selected RGB values are displayed as hexadecimal values. It is also possible to enter RGB values to obtain the associated color displayed.
The structure of the RGB(red, green blue)-values in hexadecimal form is as follows:
The first two digits are the red value. The second two digits are the green value and the third two digits are the blue value (rr gg bb).

Examples: Colors and assigned hexadecimal values

00 00 00  black        
ff 00 00   red      
00 ff 00  green      
00 00 ff  blue      
00 ff ff  cyan      
ff 00 ff  magenta        
ff ff 00  yellow      
ff ff ff  white      

See also the Wacker Art RGB Color Charts for details on hexadecimal values assigned to colors.

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